EROS SANTORINI - SA. OF TOURISM & HOTEL SERVICES, located in the ATTIKIS region, was included in the Action "Supporting Tourism Media for Modernization and Quality Upgrade of Services" with a total budget of 110 million Euros. The aid rate for each investment project is 50%.

The Action aims to support micro, small and medium-sized tourism enterprises to improve their position on the domestic and international tourism market and concerns all the regions of the country.

The total budget of the company's investment is € 152,621.27, of which public expenditure is € 73,849.65 and is co-funded by Greece and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.


The business plan approved for funding and implementation includes investments in the following categories:
Buildings, facilities and surrounding areas
Machinery - Equipment
Wage bill for employees (existing and / or new staff)
Monitoring the implementation of the Investment Plan
View - Promotion



Through participation in the Action, the company succeeded in:
improving its competitiveness
increase its profitability
its entry into new tourist markets
expanding the market by adding new services
ensure a higher quality of service
increase productivity
enhancing entrepreneurship
creating / maintaining quality jobs

The contribution of EPANEK has significantly strengthened the business, which operates in a key sector of the Greek economy, bringing benefits to our country's competitiveness as well as to the local economy and the market in which it is based.